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Card deck

"Dancing with the Guidant Presence"

25 eur

"Dancing with the Guidant Presence" card deck invites you to connect with your very own Guidant Presence through movement. It shares 61 drawings and messages drawn and written by Ingrida Danytė

  • A 61 - card deck.

  • Dimensions - 8 x 12 cm.

  • Language - English

  • A handmade bag for storing cards added.

If you want to buy, write to us at



I'm Ingrida and I’m starting this journey with the question “Who can guide me in this depth?”.

Soon, I receive a suggestion coming from my teacher that drawing with the non-dominant hand might can help me to connect with those who can guide. A few days later, I witness a change in my morning ritual. After the night full of dreams, I wake up, I have a cup of tea, I ring a bell once. I stand in front of the empty space in my room, I witness it. Then I close my eyes and move. After some time, I open my eyes and ring the bell three times. I go back to the place where I started my movement or series of movements. I witness the empty space again, and here it comes – the change. I take one or several oil pastels into my non-dominant (left) hand and paint. This is new. This way of drawing is so different from all others I have done. I deeply rest, and I feel that I learn something every time I do it. I put the last pastel on the side and, as many times before, I write. I write down my experience and my dreams.

My ritual has been the same every morning in the same clear sequence for several years now. One day, I find my longing to share what I found being and walking in this depth. I would like to share with you what is possible in this depth and what kind of portals have helped me to stay here and now. I have a wish to share my deepest lessons and deepest explorations. I have chosen 61 drawings and added words, which I wrote at the end of my morning rituals.

I want to invite you to choose one or several cards that draw your attention. Read the texts and look at the images. Pay attention to your body sensations, the rising impulses and start moving with the picture you see or with the words which are written on the other side. I hope that this can be in support of finding your own way to connect to your inner guides.



Ingrida Danytė

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