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May my presence be enough

Kūno ir judesio terapeutė Deimantė Matulė

Deimantė has been curious about the world and human beings since a very young age. She was interested in humans’ inner lives, love, pain and traces of inner emotional wounds in the body. Her sensitivity towards surroundings quite early helped to understand what was real and true for her - she was eager to feel and to explore human conditions and states. A soul of a life researcher and an explorer was unfolding inside her. As a teenager she lived surrounded by Lithuanian nature and was often spending her time with animals or alone, investigating nature or reading books about psychology and psychotherapy. When she started attending  yoga classes for teenagers, she went to yoga camps, where she  first learned about inner body wisdom. Back then it was unclear for her, how to name it. Deimantė always felt that there was something more than just thoughts and words, and that pain and  human suffering often lives in their body. The body knows, remembers everything, it has its memory.

When in 2017 Deimantė started studying in the somatic therapy program of Linda’s Hartley institute (The Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy, London), she had a closer look into her inner body wisdom. Moreover, through Authentic Movement Discipline practice led by a wonderful teacher Cornelia Schmitz, she felt an even stronger inner impulse to stay with what is in a particular moment, to be with what is being born now and not to be afraid to embrace her own truth. This practice helps Deimantė to be present to her own feelings and the feelings of others in their moment of truth, to hold a safe space for her clients and herself in this world. 

Deimantė has lived in several European countries, travelled around in the wonderful  nature of South America, has reached many mountaintops and finally settled in the Swiss Alps, where she daily embraces silence, nature and her life’s music. While  exploring and learning about herself, her traumas and her needs as well as being present with her clients, Deimantė already knows that this is her mission. She believes in past lives, soul travels, dreams and love. 

Others see Deimantė as an experimentator whose analytical skills do not dominate over her lively instincts in a process. Her glance is supportive and warm, creating a safe space that leads to unpredictable and complex sides of the soul revealing  themselves. She radiates in various colours,  sometimes taking what she needs in a particular moment. Sometimes she is a grown-up woman, at other times –  a playful  young girl. People feel accepted when they are with Deimantė, she is ready to see  and listen. Deimantė inspires creation of inner and outer strategies for self-support.  She speaks as much as she feels is needed in the moment - she believes that  sometimes silence is the most important unspoken word. Others witness her sensitivity. Deimantė reminds them how important it is to feel at home within oneself while being around others. People often come to talk to her about Love and all its forms. 


Deimantė facilitates individual sessions for adults in Lithuanian, English and Spanish. Her topics of interest are childhood traumas, relationships, love, psychosomatics, inner child, personal boundaries with oneself and another, emigration.



2018 – now

Individual somatic sessions with adults in Lithuanian, English and Spanish live and online.




2017 09 - 2020 08        

Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy Institute, UK, London



Introduction to Gestalt Psychotherapy with Brigita Kaleckaite, Vilnius, Lithuania


Margarit Landale Ist course on trauma and healing, Vilnius, Lithuania



ICF Certified Coaching Program, Baltic Coaching Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania


2010 – 2013           

Bachelor of Communication and English Language, Roskilde University, Denmark




Margaret Landale, Brighton, UK

Oleg Kovrikov, Vilnius, Lithuania

Cornelia Schmitz, Germany

Jane Okondo, UK

Brigita Kaleckaitė, Vilnius, Lithuania

Robertas Petronis, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Kūno ir judesio terapeutė Deimantė Matulė
Kūno ir judesio terapeutė Deimantė Matulė


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